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Rockin' The River Reggae Night with The Dubplates
5:30 PM17:30

Rockin' The River Reggae Night with The Dubplates

The Dubplates are a traditional reggae riddim band. A traditional riddim band plays behind several artists a night. That means knowing all the classic and popular instrumental versions. In this case The Dubplates back Papa Robbie, Daddy Brady, Big Hair, Shawn Legree, Rudiments and King Sing.

We’ve played for Sir Richard Branson on his own Neckar Island. We’ve played in Kingston. We’ve performed and recorded with artists from King Yellowman to Damian Marley to Mixmaster Mike of the Beastie Boys.

We’ve sold bars out of liquor. We’ve sold bars out of business. Our equipment has been loaded into a container ships, unpacked on tropical docks and shipped back again. We’ve been threatened with deportation. We’ve been threatened with fame.

Our guitars have seen so much sweat that we’ve learned a regimen of rust-proofing our strings. Our dance-floors have started marriages and conceived children. In one case in South Carolina our dance-floor actually cracked in half. No matter what happens our job is the same. Force people to feel the love and happiness that lives in Reggae music. The dancehall is like Church to us and we love it bad. We’re stringing up another show soon and we want you there.

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