March Blog

Ear For Music Moves Across The River

With the new year comes a new office; Ear For Music relocates to Mt. Pleasant, SC. It has been a fun and wild ride in the heart of Charleston, SC, but we are ready for a change in scenery. You will now be able to find us in the up and coming town of Mt. Pleasant at 1007 Johnnie Dodds Blvd, suite 100. Out team is over the moon with this new modern office space. The building itself is shared among plenty of new and unique start-up companies that we can't wait to possibly team up with for some exciting new projects. Our new office space also gives us access to shared conference rooms and huddle rooms. We can't wait for you to visit us at our new location and continue to work with us here at Ear For Music. 

Little Bird Live at The Commodore

If you were one of the lucky ones who caught Little Bird at Woolfe Street Playhouse a few months ago, then you know just how amazingly talented they are and you know just how unique the venue is at Woolfe Street Playhouse. However, if you missed them then here is your second chance to see Little Bird, check out a hip venue, and kill two birds with one stone. The first bird is Little Bird, they will be live at The Commodore on April 6, 2017. Little Bird hails from Annapolis, MD and has called Charleston, SC home for the past two years. They blend surf rock, jazz, and Americana into a high energy killer live show. In 2015 and 2016, the band played and headlined festivals such as Bayfunk, Pink Moon, Silopanna, Doah, EastPortaRockin' and more. Little Bird has also shared the stage with G. Love & Special Sauce, Pressing Strings, Long Miles, Fortunate Youth, and many more. Little Bird will continue their bird call at The Commodore on April 6, 2017.

The second bird is The Commodore, a local vintage bar and music venue. This posh venue has hosted many jazz and soul bands over the years. The Commodore building, formerly known as A Touch of Class, has occupied its spot on Meeting Street since the 1950s. These walls have witnessed the greats from the jazz, soul, and funk era such as James Brown and Marvin Gaye. On April 6, 2017, The Commodore is excited to have Little Bird imprint their music into its walls, too. 

Greg Humphreys Electric Trio at The Commodore

Who's ready to have an electric time with Greg Humphreys Electric Trio at The Commodore on Thursday, May 11th. Fresh off their debut of "Lucky Guy", Greg Humphrey and his Electric Trio are ready to positively charge the dance floor and have their music resonate throughout the venue. "Lucky Guy" is their debut album that finds the critically acclaimed artist creatively invigorated. Within this album, you will find your ears tickled with sweetly soulful Americana and raucous roots rock that showcases Humphreys' elegant virtuosity and his heartfelt songwriting. Greg Humphreys Electric Trio and The Commodore is a match made in heaven, and it would be sinful to miss them on Thursday, May 11th. 

Diner En Blanc - Charleston, 4/27

We are absolutely charmed by this exquisite event better known as Diner En Blanc. This elegant large-scale picnic that originated in Paris will be gracing the lovely town of Charleston, SC in a top secret location that will be revealed at the very last minute. The eloquent Le Diner en Blanc recalls elegance and glamour of French Court Society. Draped in all white with the comportment of the greatest decorum and etiquette, patrons gather for a mass "chic picnic" in a public space that is kept secret until just minutes before their arrival. Over the course of the evening, guests from different backgrounds engage one another, experiencing the beauty and value of their city's public space by participating in the unexpected. Beyond the spectacle and refined elegance of the dinner itself, guests are brought together from diverse backgrounds by a love of beauty and good taste. Feel free to glance at their Facebook page and website for more information. 

We Love Our Clients

We absolutely love receiving reviews like this from our clients! We love music and what we do and here is the proof. Great job DJ R Dot! 

November Newsletter

Woolfe Street Playhouse (DT) Gets A New Act

As you were scarfing down your children's Halloween candy or telling your friend you're only having one more drink, it probably hit you that there are only 2 months left in this year. Now, you are probably frantically trying to figure out how to savor these last two months. Luckily for you, we saved the best shows for last. 

First, we have Moose Kick, See Water, and Little Bird at a swanky venue known as Woolfe Street Playhouse in Downtown Charleston. Woolfe Street Playhouse was originally built in 1914 and spent half a century as The Meddin Bros Meat Packing Company. By the 1980s, The Meddin Bros Company closed and the building was left empty for a while. However,  The Village Repertory Company came to the building's rescue, and with the help of Mrs. Meddin the old meat packing building transformed into the beloved Woolfe Street Playhouse we all know and love today. The Playhouse officially opened in December of 2012, and at 17,000 square feet it caters to multiple events including the one on November 11th featuring Moose Kick, See Water, and Little Bird. 

Moose Kick is a five piece southern rock / funk band out of South Carolina. The band began during the winter of 2013 and since they spend their days touring, writing & practicing to effectively share their music with the world. Since releasing their album 'Blue Room Revival' in October of 2014 with producer Trevor Maron, the band has taken their talent to the road touring the eastern half of the country routinely. 

See Water is the love child of reggae and punk rock. This up-and-coming band from Charleston, SC will take your ears on a roller-coaster ride through laid-back jams and hard-hitting rock riffs. Their style is similar to that of a mosh-pit on the beach at sunset. If their music was a cocktail, it would be a long island iced tea; at first you think, “There’s no way you can mix all of that together,” but sure enough, you take a sip only to find that it’s delicious and intoxicating.

See Water has been proving themselves in all their unorthodox glory at The Music Farm and Charleston Pour House, and venues throughout the east coast and the USVI, while performing alongside acts such as Badfish: A Tribute to Sublime, The Hip Abduction, Fear Nuttin Band, and Sun-Dried Vibes. See Water has released their debut EP, entitled 'Diluted Acoustica', and quickly began work on their next project. Their first full-length album 'Hit The Moon' is to be released later this fall with the first single, 'Echo', leading the way.

"When you see a body of water, whether it's calm or violent, it makes you feel something, and that's what we're here to do."

Little Bird, hailing from Annapolis, MD and calling Charleston, SC home for one year now, tours throughout the eastern half of the country. They blend surf rock, jazz, and Americana into a high energy killer live show. In 2015 & 2016 the band played & headlined festivals such as Bayfunk, Pink Moon, Silopanna, Doah, EastPortaRockin' and more. Along with sharing stage on show bills with names like G. Love & Special Sauce, Pressing Strings, Long Miles, Fortunate Youth, and many more.

Help The Dogs Save The Kids

Help us kick off our 4th Annual Homecoming & 28th Anniversary concert on December 28th at Charleston Music Hall by joining us on December 27th at Music Farm for The Super Goo Jam. The Super Goo Jam will kick off the spectacular event for the Blue Dogs and their friends by having the party of the year with multiple bands and dancing to celebrate the end of the year and to help raise money for The MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children's Hospital and Press On Foundation for pediatric cancer research. Following The Super Goo Jam is Blue Dogs 4th Annual Homecoming and 28th Anniversary concert on December 28th at Charleston Music Hall. The Blue Dogs have been performing together for over 25 years and perform up to 100 shows a year. This year, the Blue Dogs, an Americana band will have their 4th Annual Homecoming and 28th Anniversary concert that will benefit the MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children's Hospital and Press On Foundation for pediatric cancer research. This is a special charity event that has had special appearances in the past by some of Blue Dogs dear friends such as Darius Rucker, Drivin N' Cryin, and Danielle Howle. Last year, at the 3rd Annual Homecoming and 27th Anniversary concert, the Dogs raised $50K for MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children's Hospital & Pediatric Cancer research thanks to the support of Tito's Vodka, a variety of local sponsors, and donations of ticket holders, as well as a generous match by an anonymous donor. This year, we hope to surpass last year's amount and we can only do that with your help. So, we are calling all Dog People to get your tickets now and come out to this superb event on December 27th and 28th, to raise money so that the doctors at MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children's Hospital can find a cure for cancer that affects children.