One kool blow 

In early 2012, Eric and Tim met at an open mic in Charleston, SC. Having been paired up to play a blues tune together, the two soon realized their musical talents blended well together. By summertime of 2012, the duo had become one of the Low Countries top musical acts. Tim Davis is a veteran singer in South Carolina, most notably with the well known group "The Soulmites" from Columbia. Known for his graspy, soulful voice and amazing stage presence, he was a perfect fit for Eric's blues influenced guitar style.

 The duo now goes by the name: one kool blow, and they play covers ranging from old motown, RnB, and blues, to modern pop tunes. 

 They are currently writing an all original album due out in the coming months.

 Their single "I Won't Give Up On You is due to release very soon.

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