Mystic Vibrations

Reggae music has been the voice of the struggling people all over creation. It uplifts the spirit and strengthens the souls of our brothers and sisters who have been oppressed and gives them a voice and media to be heard. 
Roots reggae is the spiritual music. Because it is played with reverence and nurtured with love and affection, it captivates the hearts of many.

We, Mystic Vibrations, live these words throughout our daily lives and share them with everyone we encounter. 
Since 1992, we have been sharing our talents and performances with newlyweds, colleges, festivals, clubs, private parties and a plethora of other venues. Our most uplifting and inspirational performances have been sharing the power of reggae music with our Rastafarian brothers held captive in the prison system and the elderly in retirement homes.

We are not theorists putting lyrics to music for fame and fortune but activist who have held the banner of reggae music high for decades. We do not strive to be the best in the sight of others, but the best we can for others.

We will continue to bring our music to the people as we touch lives, warm hearts, meet new friends and greet long time supporters. Love, light and blessings.

~ Ras Ric