Jaykob kendrick 

If Jaykob Kendrick could be described with one word, it would be versatile. With a huge selection of covers, Jaykob seamlessly switches between genres, engaging any type of crowd. Employing a loop station, and a wide array of effects, he can imitate an entire band to get the crowd dancing, do a creative acoustic arrangement of your favorite song, or finger-pick a heartfelt folk tune.

Drawing frequent comparisons to Chris Robinson, Robert Plant, and James Taylor (and occasionally even Stevie Wonder) Jaykob’s voice is simultaneously powerful, nuanced, and emotive and his guitar style is creative and skillful. Playing as a solo act, a duo, or trio, Jaykob can entertain any type of crowd in any type of setting. From rowdy private parties to formal rehearsal dinners, Jaykob is perfect for any occasion.