Homemade Wine

The term Homemade Wine sounds like somebody might have mixed up a bunch of ingredients, sat back and waited on it to ferment, then pulled out the cork, gathered some friends together and kicked off a house rockin’ throwdown.

Knoxville, Tennessee’s singer/songwriter Ryan Sheley followed that same recipe when he and his percussionist brother Tod Sheley formed Homemade Wine the band in 2009. They mixed in a measure of kick-ass drums from Knoxville’s Brad Williams, a dose of guitarist/singer Andy Westcott and topped it off with one of Nashville’s hottest bass players Rick Reese, a graduate of the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston.

The band Homemade Wine has fermented, cured, blended and seasoned into a 150 proof explosion that has spread their blend of wild country jam band music from the tip of Key West to the New England area and practically every roadhouse, club, festival and music venue in between. The boys have performed at Nashville’s War Memorial Building (the first location for the Grand Ole Opry), Jimmy Buffet’s Margaretville in Nashville and Key West and at blah, blah, blah.

Band leader Ryan Sheley’s lyrical storytelling and song writing style, coupled with Andy’s lighting fast country licks, Tod and Brad’s heavy percussion groove and Rick’s New Orleans infused bass lines can take you from the backwoods of East Tennessee to the shores of Louisiana’s Lake Pontchartrain. Homemade Wine has a way of transforming audiences from well-behaved foot tappers into foot stomping, wild-eyed southern boogie woogie-ists that will drain the beer taps down to the last drop and wear a groove in the dance floor.