HipSlack began in the minds of fans. Miles Partridge (singer), after years of touring with tribute bands such as Appetite for Destruction (GnR Tribute) and Seattle:Tribute, heard the cry of fans for a different type of live musical experience. The focus was to create a band that could transcend musical genres, yet put on a unified, upbeat, and captivating performance. With Bongo John on drums, they began collaborating with various musicians, performing at colleges, clubs and bars in the southeast United States to great fanfare. Since 2007, HipSlack continues to dazzle their audiences with music mash ups that combine the greatest Rock riffs (Zep, AC/DC, & Queen) with Hip Hop anthems (from Nelly, Jay Z, Eminem, & Snoop)! They also jam their own original tunes and mix in cover songs from cross genre bands such as Sublime and 311, and Beastie Boys. The Band's line up has been solidified, relying on the six string skills of Daniel Paul, and the rock solid Bass from Maverick Raber!