Born into a very musical family, Butch was surrounded by music before he was born. Brought up in an eclectic musical home, Butch draws musical influence from a massive soundtrack of his life. Butch developed the ability to adapt to different social situations quite naturally. A skill he learned growing up in a military family and moving every few years, which is a real asset to a performer. Playing in bands growing up, Butch honed his skill as a vocalist and a front man. As the lead singer in the band "Token Jane", he got the opportunity to open for many national acts, playing throughout Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

Butch moved back to the Charleston area in the late 1990's, and it wasn't long until music called him back to entertain. Butch has been playing solo and in various ensembles, including five years in the local cover band "60 Cycle Humm," in the Low Country since the early 2000's. Butch has played many of the local venues, from kindergartens to nursing homes, weddings to funerals, exclusive formal corporate events to humble charity events and everything in between. Skilled in recognizing when the entertainment should be subtle, or the life of the party, is one of the key's to Butch's success as a musician.

What is it Butch does? Glad you asked. Butch is a gifted singer, a solid acoustic guitarist, a soulful harmonica player, and a rhythmist with various foot percussion. Song selection consists of a broad repertoire of songs ranging from typical party songs, old country, old R&B, blues, classic rock, 90's rock, alternative, americana, singer songwriter, and originals if requested. Butch was given the gift of musical ability, and a deep desire to share it. Years of entertainment experience, and a work ethic often forgotten by musicians. When making the important decision to enhance your event or venue with live acoustic music, rest assured that you are getting a quality workhorse musician that will make your investment payoff, in smiles. Thank you for your consideration.