adam harris thompson

Adam is easy to listen to. Whether the center of attention or just the soundtrack for the evening, he is sure to win over your guests. Given the versatile range of artists and styles he covers, it is not uncommon for a generational “name that tune” competition to unfold at parties where a wide range of ages are represented. Adam’s genre spans from folk-rock to classics, with touches of bluesy soul, southern rock, 80s-90s, and country peppered in along the way. Common side effects of listening to Adam sing: your foot may tap, and you might find yourself singing along. 

Adam has traversed the roads of the southeastern United States many times over in recent years, since walking away from a government job with benefits in 2015 to passionately pursue music as a career. His soulful-smooth, baritone-tenor voice has graced many restaurants, bars, weddings, private parties, corporate functions, golf clubs, ball parks, and even a few festivals with celebrity headliners.

Proper volume control is a high priority for Adam. He travels with state of the art, industry standard PA equipment that can be comfortably pared down to perform to only 5 people who want to talk to each other as easily as it can soar over a thousand people who want him to have their undivided attention. And he is great at intuitively knowing which is the more appropriate. As a rule, he caters to the lower volume that people won’t have to shout over, preferring to be asked to turn up rather than turn down. 

Adam Harris Thompson cares deeply for his audience. He sings to bring joy and laughter, perhaps even a bit of nostalgia. He strives to be a servant of the story within the song as well as the ears that are hearing the song. 

He also has a glorious beard.