Again, "this is the fun part" and as such the process of picking out the perfect band for your wedding should be easy and enjoyable.

First, pick a genre of music,  Variety/Party, Rock, Ceremony..... we aren’t judging.  Just select the music that has you and your significant other feeling the love. 

Next, select a band.  We have made the process simple and easy to navigate with a list of available band options and samples of their musical styles.  We highly recommend watching the videos so you have the opportunity to hear the band in a performance setting and to get a sense of the band’s personality as it relates to that of your overall celebration. 

Once you have identified a few bands to consider, we step in to help you narrow down the options and select the perfect one!

It's that simple. 

Ready to get started? 


Q: My venue just asked me for proof of insurance for my band. Do your bands have coverage?

A: Yes. If your venue needs proof of insurance or paperwork with band and venue as additional covered, please let us know that when you book the band. It can be provided to you.

Q: Do all bands have to have a stage? If so, how large?

A: It is better for you to have a stage, but not required in most cases. Depending on the size of the band, stages can run from 12 x 16 to 20 x 24 unless it is a big band or national act in which case it would most likely need to be larger.

Q: Will band's leaders make announcements for us?

A: Yes, Most bands will announce wedding parties, anniversaries, cake cuttings, bouquet toss, etc..

Q: Will bands learn requested songs?

A: For wedding receptions, most bands will learn a song or two if the requested song(s) will work for the vocalist.

Q: Do bands play CDs on the breaks? Can we play our own CDs on the breaks?

A: Yes and yes!

Q: How long are the band's sets?

A: Most bands play a 4 hour span of music with 2 breaks. Set times can be customized in most cases.

Q: How much does a band cost and how can I get the best deal?

A: We work with hundreds of bands and artists that range in price from $500 (some djs/local acoustic) to $100,000 (national headliners for festivals and concerts). Bands that play for private parties and weddings generally run between $1200 to $8000. The average high end dance and show band costs $2500 to $4500.

Q: When should I book my band-How far out?

A: If you have a venue lined up and know which band you want, book them right away. Keep in mind that we represent the top bands and entertainers and they are in demand. We book a lot of the bands over a year in advance.